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Cover Blubber

Cover Blubber Clear Food Savers 3pack


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Give plastic wrap, and the environment, a break and bring on the new CoverBlubber® Clear, the super stretchy crystal clear food saver for use inside the refrigerator or freezer. CoverBlubber® Clear is a fun food safe StickyRubber that you can place directly on food or containers of various shapes and sizes.

This pack includes one of each size; small (fits up to 8cm), one medium (fits up to 12.7cm) and one large (fits up to 17.8cm) sized CoverBlubber.
Clearly this new CoverBlubber 3 Pack is a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap and a great food storage solution. CoverBlubber® Clear…see the leftovers.

Works best when hands and item to be covered are dry
Use both hands to stretch CoverBlubber and place on item
Works best on items that are uniformly shaped (circles, squares) and do not have exaggerated sides (rectangular baking dishes)
Do NOT leave covered item on countertop, tabletop, pantry, etc.

Some stuff you should know: For use in the refrigerator and freezer ONLY
Reusable clear food cover and food saver
Certain foods may alter clarity
Replaces plastic wrap
Safer alternative to plastic wrap
Form fits to all shaped food
NOT Microwave Safe
FDA/EU food safe StickyRubber™
Hand Wash ONLY & let air dry
NOT Dishwasher Safe
BPA/Phthalates Free

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