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Hands Up Who's Still Confused About Air Fryers!

Hands Up Who's Still Confused About Air Fryers!

Do you actually need an air fryer? Well, no, of course not. Your oven can do a perfectly adequate job, thank you. And aren't they just another band wagon gadget that will be relegated to the garage, the kids or Trade Me after just a few uses? And we don't really eat fried food anyway. So, again, why would I need one? These are some of the questions I was sure I knew the answers to when the question was posed about why I didnt have an air fryer. As the owner of Milly's and someone who has cooked for a living and as a hobby (ready soul fulfilment actually - food is my love language) I am a fan of a simple kitchen that is equipped with just the products I know will stand the test of time and perform perfectly, every time. I love my oven beyond reason (having convinced the very tolerant Mr Milly's that you get what you pay for = spending big was the answer) and am at my happiest when poodling around in the kitchen. I saw no reason for a 'gadget' that healthily 'fried' food and, in my mind, relegated the air fryer to the same place as the microwave and the Nutribullet (ie costly per usage, wouldn't last the test of time in a family kitchen and ultimately a waste of space).

But here's the thing - I was wrong. Convinced to at least try an air fryer by our supplier I dutifully lugged the thing home and, as I always do when testing a piece for the store, set myself the task of cooking every meal for a week out of the air fryer. And, honestly, after just a few sessions I was a convert.  Here's what I learned and why I am convinced these machines have their place in most kitchens. Here's what I like the most:

1. Dinner's ready in a flash!

Because they take almost no time to preheat you're already winning. Combine this with super heated air and an element that's 'right there' and you can reduce your cooking time by half. So handy when it's that late afternoon time with the kids or you're running late after work.

2. Even frozen food tastes better!

An air fryer's super hot air and convection elements make short work of cooking and crisping frozen fries, wedges, nuggets and the good old fish finger. Obviously, an air fryer is not a miracle machine and it won't turn a culinary sow's ear into a silk purse ie rubbish in, rubbish out so I apply the same rules here - I buy the best I can afford, store it carefully and cook it thoughtfully.

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven

3. Kids in the kitchen!

Your air fryer is safe enough for your kids to use, so it's an excellent way to encourage them to develop their cooking skills while giving you a night or two off. We're not advocating child labour, but it's always great to have some help in the kitchen.

4. They're great for summer!

During summer, a steamy kitchen is the last thing you want. But with an Instant Pot air fryer, you don't have to worry about that because it heats up and cools down quickly, keeping your kitchen (and you) nice and cool. Plus, it's about a tenth of the size of your regular oven!

Instant Vortex Versazone Air Fryer

5. It's healthier (but still delicious)

An air fryer uses little to no oil, making it an excellent option if you're wanting to cut down on fat while still enjoying your favourite crispy textured foods. Any extra fat drips into the bottom of the basket, making it a healthier and still delicious option.

6. What can't you make?

Great question. We've baked and we've roasted. We've made desserts and biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pies and lasagnas. We've baked bread, we've melted brie and warmed soup - we've even made Cheese Scones in 9 minutes! We've dehydrated too! So, short answer ... almost nothing! If you're looking for an all-in-one kitchen appliance that's simple to use, economical to run and a breeze to clean, an air fryer is definitely the way to go.

7. There's a model for every size family!

At Milly's Kitchen, we have an Instant Pot air fryer for every size family from dinner for two, dinner for the family to dinner for a crowd. Plus, clean-up's a breeze! An air fryer is such a simple machine that cleaning it is as easy as giving the basket a good swish with some hot water and detergent.

An Instant Pot air fryer is a versatile, time-saving, and healthy addition to any kitchen. Come in and talk to us about what we're cooking in ours, see our full range of air fryers, find out which model will suit you best and how to get everything you need from your investment so it fits your lifestyle. 

Check out our 101 Air Fryer Tips here, and get dinner on the table fast (and delicious) with our Air Fryer Chicken Tenders recipe.


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