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You Need An Air Fryer, Today!

You Need An Air Fryer, Today!

1. Dinner's ready in a flash!

Because they take almost no time to preheat you're already winning. Combine this with super heated air and an element that's 'right there' and you can reduce your cooking time by half. So handy when it's that late afternoon time with the kids or you're running late after work.

2. Even frozen food tastes better!
An air fryer's super hot air and convection elements make short work of crisping up even the saddest frozen fries. We promise!

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven

3. Kids in the kitchen!
Yep, your air fryer is safe enough for the kids to use too. Now, we're not advocates of slave labour here at Milly's buuuuut, a night or two off while the kids hone their cooking skills has to be encouraged.

4. They're great for summer!
Honestly, who likes a steamy kitchen over summer? Definitely not us! Because they heat up and cool down FAST and cook dinner quickly (and let's, face it they're about the 10th of the size of your regular oven), your kitchen stays nice and cool ... and so do you!

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer

5. It's healthier (but still delicious)
If you want to cut down on the fat in what you're cooking and eating, an air fryer is a great place to start. Not only do you need WAY less fat to begin with, any extra fat simply drains into the bottom of the basket!

6. What can't you make?
Great question. We've baked and we've roasted. We've made desserts and biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pies and lasagnas. We've baked bread and scones, we've melted brie and warmed soup. We've dehydrated too! So, short answer ... almost nothing!

7. There's a model for every size family!
Dinner for 2 to dinner for 10. With three different sizes of Instant Pot Air Fryer, we've got you covered however many roll up to your table.

8. Clean-up's a breeze!
An air fryer is such a simple machine, clean-up is as simple as giving your basket a good swish out with some hot water and a squirt of detergent.

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