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LorAnn: Our Secret Ingredient!

LorAnn: Our Secret Ingredient!

Starting business in Michigan in 1962, the LorAnn family (actually their name is Grettenberger. LorAnn is a mashup of names of the founder’s wife, Laura, and daughter, Ann) has been making premium quality oils and essences for the baking industry for nearly six decades. These oils are incredibly simple to use and, depending on their consistency and strength, can be incorporated at almost any stage of the baking process which will produce different results.

LorAnn Super Strength Flavours are 3x to 4x stronger than typical alcohol-based extracts. Our most concentrated type of flavouring, these intense and exceptionally versatile flavours are all appropriate for the higher temperature demands of hard candy making but can also be used to flavour just about anything!
LorAnn Naturals are about 2x stronger than typical alcohol-based extracts. 'LorAnn Naturals' are concentrated, compounded flavours that are made with natural flavours. These flavourings are about half as potent as LorAnn’s traditional line of super strength flavourings.

When and how do you use LorAnn in your baking? When baking cakes, muffins etc, LorAnn oils allow you to enhance or emphasise the flavour of your mix by adding drops of your LorAnn Oil at the point of the recipe where you’d add the vanilla. Remember that their concentrated flavour is much stronger than traditional ‘essences’ so be careful and always ‘test’ as you go (who doesn’t love licking the bowl anyway!). We recommend only adding your Lorann in droplets, to build the flavour you’re looking for, and of course you’re not limited to one flavour so try some different combinations to find your ideal mix.

A quick and easy way to flavour your macaron: simply add your LorAnn oil to your dry ingredients before you incorporate them into your meringue mix. One of our personal favourites are “Pineapple Lump Macaron” using Wilton gel colours to colour our macaron yellow and then and then sandwiching them with dark chocolate ganache flavoured with LorAnn Pineapple.
Try flavouring your next batch of fudge, homemade gummies, lollipops or hard candies with Lorann too. Or, enhance your next batch of ice cream, especially good when working with fruit that’s early in the season and doesn’t have a lot of flavour. We’ve found that when you’re using LorAnn in frozen applications, you’ll need to use a little more as the freezing process dulls any flavour on the palate. You can even use it when creating gourmet popcorn coatings.

Flavoured Macaron

When and how do you use LorAnn in your cake decorating? LorAnn extracts allow you to play icing flavours without affecting consistency and LorAnn's an excellent way to inject lots of flavour without having to introduce a lot of colour.
For buttercream, we recommend using 1/4 teaspoon per 1 cup butter or fat, but again, as with colour, always add the flavour gradually, and test as you go.
For fondant, just knead in a few drops, starting with a little at a time. Taste test as you go until it’s perfect.

Flavouring drinks: add a few drops to punches, cocktails and mocktails. Or try our latest favourite, a homemade take on La Croix. An excellent refresher, when a glass of water just won’t do, La Croix are a great substitute for sugary sodas. Simply combine your preferred LorAnn oil (1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of LorAnn Oils Super-Strength flavouring to your bottle of soda water), stir and enjoy.

Scented play dough

Other uses include play dough, lip balms and candles … And LorAnn are not just about oils – they also produce some very good colour powders which are ideal when you want zero dilution of your product and are particularly good for chocolate and dry mixes. To use: scoop a tiny amount of powder food colour and add to dry ingredients. For tinting chocolate or confectionary coating (Wilton Candy Melts) start with a small amount of your melted chocolate and mix in powdered colour to form a deeply coloured ‘marble’. Mix this ‘marble’ into your larger batch of melted chocolate or coating. Repeat if necessary until you have your desired hue.
Fun fact: Those colourful clouds of powder that runners enjoy in a Colour Run is typically a mixture of a small amount of powdered food coloring and corn starch.

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