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Nice to meet you. We are Mepal

Welcome to Mepal's world, full of bright ideas and innovative solutions. Products that make life a little simpler and easier.

Mepal have been making smart (plastic) products for storing and serving food and drinks since the company's early days. With a long tradition of developing products in-house, from design to manufacture. Products packed with clever features that make them a pleasure to use.

Mepal have been present for 70 years, in the 50's they started making smart plastic products for storing food. So, you won't find just any old storage boxes in their collection, but really smart storage boxes. Not just a simple tub to take your yoghurt and muesli to work in, but a specially designed yoghurt pot that's guaranteed leakproof. Not just an ordinary lunch box for school, but a smart lunch box with a bento tray that makes child's play of creating healthy and varied packed lunches.

Mepal products are durable too! They last for years, so you can enjoy your products even longer to help prevent unnecessary waste. When using Mepal lunch boxes, storage boxes and other products you will need less disposable packaging, helping to sustain a durable future!