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Milly's Guide: A Good Board

Milly's Guide: A Good Board

A great chopping board is an essential piece of kitchen kit. It needs to be weighty enough to not slip on your bench top, hard enough to sustain a few surface scratches but not the deep gouges that will harbour bacteria and roomy enough to easily accommodate the length of your knife. These days we have the choice of solid wood or wood fibre boards, plastic or resin and marble or glass.  

At Milly’s, we don’t recommend glass or marble. They may be hygienic but knives hate them. Dishwasher safe resin or plastic are a reasonable option especially for cross-contamination jobs like raw chicken – replace when the board becomes scratched.  Our favourites, however, are wooden and you have two choices.

Firstly, a large, heavy wooden slab – use one side for kitchen work and save the other for serving. Clean by washing with a little dishwashing liquid and hot water, dry immediately and store upright. Never soak your board and keep it oiled with a board specific mineral oil Catskill's or Boo's Mystery oilboard cream (not olive or vegetable as they will go rancid).  

Our rule of thumb - oil your new board every day for a week, every week for a month and once a month from then on.  

Secondly, newish to the market are wood fibre boards like Epicurean. These have the advantage of being light, but sturdy, dishwasher safe and perfect for knife care. The care for these is much like a wooden board, again make sure the board is dried properly either through the dishwasher or after handwashing. Leaving them in damp conditions will increase surface deterioration and warping. Oiling it on a regular basis (once a month if used regularly) ideally with Epicurean Board butter but really as above with Wooden boards. Epicurean also suggest using a fine grit (220 grit) sandpaper to smooth and resurface the board when it gets a bit "fluffy" over time.

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