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Let's Bake the Perfect Bundt Cake

Let's Bake the Perfect Bundt Cake

First, let's prepare your pan. We recommend you use either of the following methods (but we prefer the Wilton Cake Release method):

a. Brush the entire in side of your pan with Wilton Cake Release. Use a natural bristle pastry brush and really make sure you get into every crevice. Resist the urge to use baking sprays, especially those that don't contain flour, as experience tells us that these will eventually build up on your pan and affect the non-stick surface.

b. Also using a pastry brush, liberally coat your pan with melted butter and then a light dusting of flour all over the surface. If you're making a dark or chocolate cake, feel free to swap the flour out for cocoa so you don't get those white streaky flour marks over the surface of your cooked cake.

Always choose a cake recipe that has a reasonable 'weight' like a butter or madeira, chocolate mud, sour cream or yoghurt, or carrot/fruit type cake. Lighter mixes like chiffon or sponge mixes will be too light and may stick and tear as you try to unmould them.

Prepping your NordicWare pan Step 1

Fill your pan to no more than 3/4's full to allow the cake to rise without overflowing. Actually, you should do this for all cake tins, not just bundts.

After you've carefully poured the batter into your tin, give the filled tin six or eight sharp bangs on the bench (protect the base of your tin by using a tea towel or similar on top of the bench). This will help to remove any air bubbles that are sitting in the grooves of the tin and which can leave unattractive little pockets on the surface of your cooked cake.

Prepping your NordicWare pan Step 2

Aim to have the top of your tin sitting just slightly above the middle of your oven so you should arrange your oven shelf accordingly. Baking near the bottom or top of your oven can result in over/under cooking and could cause damage to your tin. We normally cook on fanbake 160C or regular bake 180C, for around 50-60 mins for a 10-12 cup bundt, 35-40 for a 5-6 cup bundt.

Start checking your cake about 10 minutes before you think it may be cooked. Use the normal method to check ie a cake tester inserted into the middle should come out clean (or with just a few moist crumbs), the cake should be starting to come away slightly from the sides and the surface should spring back when lightly prodded.

NordicWare baking Step 3

Leave the cake to cool in the tin for 10 minutes; no less, no more. If you try to remove it too early your cake will not be 'set' and can tear as it comes out. More and the sugars can have cooled too much and stick the cake to the tin. We often like to toss a light tea towel over the cake for that 10 mins so that the cake very slightly steams which helps loosen it too. Once it's unmoulded onto a wire cake rack, leave it to cool completely before icing or glazing.

Unmoulding your NordicWare





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