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Milly's 101: The Perfect Steak

Milly's 101: The Perfect Steak

There is an intrinsic relationship between man and steak, and we here at Milly’s Kitchen want to give you the inside tips on making the perfect steak!

What steak to buy? Skip the supermarket and go straight to your local butcher. A good steak can be expensive so ask the experts who handle these delicious cuts everyday for what they think is a good bargain. 

From fridge to frying pan? Take your steak out of the fridge half an hour before cooking it. A simple step of letting your meat come to room temperature avoids an undercooked steak with a grey exterior.

What about seasoning? You can’t season the inside of the steak but this does not mean you should coat your steak in every herb and spice under the sun. Go for coarse kosher salt or flake salt and fresh ground black pepper.

It's time to cook now right? Start with a good cast iron pan they’re thick, heavy, distribute heat evenly and hold that heat for a long time. A good cast iron pan will pretty much sear the steak even after being removed from the heat source. 

Oil the meat, not the pan. Use vegetable or grapeseed oil as it has a higher smoking point. You can add a knob of butter later if you’d like for added flavour and a deeper colour.

There are chef’s out there that can tell when a steak is done simply by touch. But you can also judge the 'doneness' by the colour - the redder the jucies, the more rare the meat is. Don't want to rely on your eye or touch? Then a meat thermometer can avoid any guess work.

Is there anything else? Cut your cooking short, if you think that meat needs just that little bit longer on the heat. Take it off the pan instead and let the steak rest as it will continue to cook. You've come this far don't ruin all the hard work you've done! Resting your meat allows the fibres to relax, the juices to spread and the steak will retain more flavour.

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