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Milly's Chicken Drumsticks with Spring Vegetables

Milly's Chicken Drumsticks with Spring Vegetables


4-8 Free-range chicken drumsticks, we used Bostock’s organic.
Olive oil for rubbing.
Sea salt and Black pepper.
>25g Butter.
1 shallot, finely sliced.
2 cloves Garlic, very finely sliced.
300-500mls Good quality chicken stock.
700g Prepared spring vegetables, I used broccolini, asparagus spears, flat green beans, fresh peas and sugar snap peas.
A few sweet marjoram leaves.
A squeeze of lemon juice.


Rub the chicken drumsticks with olive oil.
Heat a frying pan (with fitted lid) over medium heat. Add the chicken drumsticks and cook well on all sides until lovely and golden (this will take about 10 minutes). Remove pan from the heat and add the butter to the pan and allow to sizzle. Add the shallot and garlic and allow to soften in the residual heat.
Pour 300ml chicken stock into the pan, season then cover the pan and return to a low heat. Simmer until the chicken drumsticks are cooked through, about 15- 20 minutes.
Transfer the chicken to a warmed plate and cover to keep warm.
Add the broccolini, asparagus and beans to the pan, adding more chicken stock if needed and cook until nearly tender. Add the peas and sugar snap peas and cook quickly.
Return the chicken drumsticks to the pan and add the sweet marjoram. Check the seasoning and squeeze in a little lemon juice.
Serve with crusty bread or cooked baby potatoes.
Tip – add some spring broad beans in with the peas.
Add 1 teaspoon thyme leaves when cooking the chicken drumsticks.

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