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As Helen, the inventor of the RoastCosy, threw yet another piece of tin foil into the bin after a single use, she knew that there had to be a better way! Hailing from Glasgow she was dining at a castle one evening and spotted a chain mail suit of armor. Eureka - the RoastEasy was born.

Made of the finest stainless steel, each link laser joined, totally pliable to cover even awkwardly shaped birds and joints of meat, the RoastCosy helps retain juices and protects meats, chicken and fish from drying out whilst cooking. it will also keep them warm resting. At Milly's, we've used it on roasted vegetables to enhance even cooking and retain moisture. It will reduce fat spit and spray in your oven thereby leaving it cleaner. Sustainable tin foil is here. To clean, just throw into the dishwasher. Made in France.

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