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Since 1920, the Italo Ottinetti metallurgical company has represented a point of reference in the survey of Italian producers of aluminium pots and utensils for professional and domestic use.

Ninety years of innovation, quality and attention to design. These are the objectives that motivated the company in its long history. Italo Ottinetti uses for its own products only raw materials fit for coming into contact with food - according to the EEC EN 601 and EN 602 standards - and exclusively of Italian origin, continuing to produce in Italy, at the historical site of Baveno, on Lake Maggiore.

A unique environmental context that the company contributes to preserve with a conscious and ecosustainable approach, entrusting the state-of-the-art technology with the purification cycle of process waters, in order to leave a clean world in addition to the pleasures of the kitchen to the new generations.