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Easy 'Butter' Buttercream

Easy 'Butter' Buttercream

150g butter, soft, but not melted

2 cups icing sugar, double sifted

1 tsp vanilla extract*

2-3 tbsp milk

Colouring (optional)**

Flavouring (optional)***

In the bowl of a stand mixer (or in a bowl, using a hand mixer), cream the softened butter until it's light and fluffy. Add the sifted icing sugar and continue to beat until the icing sugar is well mixed and fuly incorporated. Mix in the vanilla extract (if using), then 2 tbsp of milk. Beat until light and fluffy (adding the additional 1 tbsp of milk to ensure the buttercream is soft and fluffy, if needed).

* We recommend Wilton Clear Vanilla Extract if you're wanting a white or light coloured icing as natural vanilla may tint the icing a little.

** Wilton Gel colours are perfect for adding either a pop of intense colour, or the merest hint of a tint, to your buttercreams and icings. As they're a concentrated gel, they won't loosen your icing as a liquid would and a little goes a very long way. To use, simply grab a toothpick or skewer, dip it into the colour and add to your icing a little at a time. To ensure gel remains uncontaminated (so that it will last for ages) be sure to use a clean toothpick each time you dip. 

*** Lorann Flavourings are the ideal way to flavour your buttercream. Choose from our almost endless assortment of concentrated flavours - remember, a little goes a long way here too so we recommend adding just a little at a time (we use a Lorann dropper to stop us going too far, too fast!) tasting between each addition.


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