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Wusthof Classic Wave Slicer / Chopper 16cm


Wusthof Classic Wave Slicer / Chopper 16cm


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This serrated chopper is perfect for prep jobs on large pieces of fruit and vege, keeping your hand well above the chopping surface and out of the way for anything that requires a lot of impact.

The serrated blade however makes it equally ideal for anywhere you need to break the surface of soft-skinned fruits or breads, slicing pizza, ciabatta, white bread or baguettes, as well as tomatoes, salami, cheese or mushrooms. Thanks to its super-sharp serrated edge, the Kitchen Surfer blade glides cleanly and smoothly through practically anything in your refrigerator.

The classic triple riveted knife series is forged from one piece of specially tempered high carbon steel to ensure outstanding strength.

Extraordinary sharpness which is easy to maintain. Special alloyed steel. Stainless. Seamless, hygienic fit of the handle. Triple-riveted handle shells, full tang handle. Black handles made of synthetic material. For professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts. Long-lasting extreme sharpness, thanks to PEtec – Wusthof's Precision Edge Technology.

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