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Smoky Barbequed Aubergine Slices

Smoky Barbequed Aubergine Slices

So simple you hardly need a recipe. You'll need to soak your cedar plank overnight in cold water. Choose aubergines that are long and slender in shape to give you even rounds.


1 x cedar plank
2 small-medium aubergine, trimmed and sliced into 1cm thick rounds
Olive oil for drizzling
Basil pesto or coriander and mint pesto
Salt and pepper
250g fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced
A few basil leaves, torn if large


Soak the cedar plank in cold water overnight. Weigh it down to prevent it from floating.

When ready to cook, heat the barbecue. Put the cedar plank over direct heat, if possible, or otherwise on the barbecue grill plate for 5 minutes until the cedar wood steams. Put the aubergine slices on a preheated barbecue grill and grill on both sides until they have good dark char grill lines. Put the plank on indirect heat and transfer the aubergine slices to the plank. Drizzle with olive oil then a little pesto. Season with salt and pepper. Close the bbq lid and cook aubergine until tender. Turn slices halfway through cooking. (Using an oven grill on high - this takes about 10 minutes). Lift the lid and put a slice of mozzarella on each aubergine slice. Close the lid and barbecue until the mozzarella just melts – watch closely as the mozzarella will toughen if it's overcooked.
Serve on the plank sprinkled with basil leaves. Serve extra pesto on the side, if desired.

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