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Juicy weekend instore with Kuvings

Juicy weekend instore with Kuvings

Why is a slow juicer better than any other for getting the most from all your fruit and vegetables? Which model best fits your kitchen? How can you save $100 when adding one to your household?

Come and meet the experts, Tereza and Scott 11am-2pm Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of October. They'll be juicing and answering all your juicy queries. See our Kuvings range here.

More about Kuvings: Taste the difference, smell the difference and see the difference. Kuvings Juicers and Yoghurt makers help to make fresh, delicious and nutritious meals. Kuvings Cold Press Juicers preserve the maximum amount of nutrients, minerals, and enzymes possible. Cold press juicers gently press fruit and vegetables rather than utilising high speed grinding or chewing. Cold-pressed juice lasts up to 72 hours, depending on what ingredients you choose to use.

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