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Here's To An Organised Pantry

Here's To An Organised Pantry

Having an organised pantry with easy to find essentials is simple – get ruthless! A clean and tidy pantry, with spring cleaning as your catalyst, will have you organised and feeling like a very satisfied ‘domestic goddess (or god)”.

So, Get Motivated
If you've been putting this task off for a while, I've got three really great reasons for you to finally tackle it this weekend. Spoiler alert: it will save you money, it will save you time and it will teach you about your shopping, eating and cooking habits. This is valuable information if you're trying to budget and meal plan.

Empty out to fill with fresh essentials
Take everything out of the pantry including food, storage containers and any other odds and sods that may have been stuck in there for the want of anywhere better to put them (I’m talking about myself here).
Wipe down every shelf with a spray cleaner (starting from the top and working down) – I love Bar Keeper’s Friend for this job – tough but natural.

Commit to having a clutter-free pantry
Why? It’s just so much easier when you don’t have to shuffle around clutter to get to the stuff you really need.  You'll have less waste because stuff won’t be forgotten at the back, you’ll save money because you won’t buy duplicates and you’ll save time because getting a meal on the table is a lot faster when you can quickly find what you need.

Top tip: Only buy new or interesting ingredients if you are committed to using them right away, like in a new recipe or inspirational flavour. When you receive a gift such as a beautiful cake mix, nuts and dried fruits, preserves or coffee use them immediately or plan an event in the near future. These luxury goods are so often saved for a special occasion that never comes to pass, so don’t let them go to waste.

Organise your items in food groups
Not only will this look logical in your pantry, it makes sense for cooking, too. For example cans of beans, tomatoes and soups, boxes of grains, jars of spices, bags of snack foods.

Play the long game
Maintain your new organising scheme by consistently going through your pantry and decluttering. If you do this regularly, you may not have to repeat the entire process of emptying and cleaning the pantry all over again. We recommend a monthly and seasonal declutter and re-group, although this will depend on how often you cook and the size of your pantry space.

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