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Wiltshire Poachies


Wiltshire Poachies


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They make the tricky task of poaching eggs in water into a quick, easy and simple task. Place the pouch open in a cup and crack in an egg, lift out pulling the top together, hold for a second in a pan of water that's at a rolling boil, then place it in... the pouch magically closes, and after 6 minutes, your egg will be cooked to perfection. No fuss, no mess, no oiling or adding vinegar, and you can cook as many as you like, all in the same pan, at the same time. Eggs simply slide out onto your toast. So you get proper water-poached eggs, perfect first time. Every time. Proper, water-poached eggs are healthy and delicious. they are simpler to make than fried, scrambled or omelette. Revolutionary Egg-Poaching Bags. They're changing the way we cook eggs forever! Pack of 20 Poachie, poaching bags.

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