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Demeyere Black 5 Multi Function Pan


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What could be more delicious than cooking and entertaining under a twinkling starry sky? The Black 5 multi function pan is your cool cooking tool. It tolerates up to 400°C degrees.

What could be more delicious than cooking and entertaining under a twinkling starry sky? The Black 5 multi function pan is your cool cooking tool. It tolerates up to 400°C degrees.

Are there flames licking the ceramic coating? That just gives it extra character. The high-quality stainless steel and the special 5-layer construction ensure optimal heat distribution. This way you can effortlessly bring out chicken legs, stew meat, chickpeas, peppers and other valuable ingredients. Also on a gas barbecue or simply on the induction plate.

The large handles of the Black 5 series from Demeyere give you extra confidence and are adapted to the use of thick fireproof mitts. So no risks, just the fun of the culinary outdoors.

  • Large and handy handles that always fit well in the hand. Even with heat-resistant mittens.
  • Black and heat-resistant ceramic coating on the outside protects your cookware up to 400°C.
  • Durable and scratch-resistant stainless steel on the inside of the sauté pan guarantees the best flavor development. Healthy and easy to maintain.
  • 5 layer material for perfect heat distribution ensures optimal results. The magnetic base is also suitable for indoor cooking stoves, including induction.

Demeyere Intense: faster and healthier cooking: The biggest difference with other brands is how the pans are made. Normal pans are usually made of one layer of steel with a bottom of 2 layers of steel underneath. You can do better than that! For example, the Intense 5 pans are made entirely of 5 layers of steel that extend to the rim. This ensures optimal heat conduction that allows you to cook more precisely and faster. The included double-walled lid has an insulating effect that minimizes moisture loss

Durable on induction: This series is optimized for induction cooking. They use up to 30% less energy than ordinary pans, so you could say they pay for themselves.

Thoughtful design: The handles do not become hot in normal use, so the pans can be moved safely. And thanks to the measurement indicator on the inside of each pan, you no longer need a measuring cup.

Cooking outside means going back to the roots. Open flames or coals give a completely new experience to cooking. To get started, first remove all packaging material from the Black 5 series. You can easily remove any adhesive residue with acetone. Always start with clean cookware, this simplifies cleaning afterwards.


Keep it healthy, even while cooking outside. The ideal frying or wok temperature is between 180 and 250°C. An open flame or smoldering coals will increase in temperature and burn your ingredients. Get started in a zone of your outdoor kitchen where the temperature is not too high. Quick check? If you can hold your hand over the fire or coals for 5 seconds, you are doing well. If it is too hot after a few seconds, you have too high a heat.


After that delicious wok or that creamy simmer dish, discoloration of the stainless steel can occur. This is due to the higher temperatures and the combustion of the wood or coal. Don't worry, this is a normal patina that will form on the Black 5. 


Cookware on an open fire takes more strain than when used on a normal cooking fire. The high temperature and smoke leave residue. Clean your Black 5 thoroughly after each use. Wash with warm water and a sponge with detergent. Rinse. You can remove the last residues with Demeyere's cleaning cream. Put a few drops in your cookware and rub your cookware with a dry cloth or kitchen paper. 


There's nothing easier than washing your cookware in the dishwasher. The materials of Black 5 are perfectly resistant to dishwasher use, but the black coating can gray in the dishwasher. This is an optical discolouration but has no influence on the operation of the product. Do you always want beautiful and 100% cleaned cookware? Then hand washing is still the best guarantee.


The Black 5 also holds its own indoors. All Black 5 products are perfect for use on normal indoor cooking hobs, including induction. Prevent scratches on your hob when you use the black 5 cookware outdoors by moving carefully on your hob and/ or using an induction hob protector. The rough grilles of outdoor BBQs can cause scratches in the coating or your Black 5 cookware, which can scratch your hob.

With the Black 5 series from Demeyere you will experience the tastiest cooking results every time. Indoor and outdoor. Because cooking has no limits anymore. The durable heat-resistant coating on the outside protects your product on an open fire. The stainless steel surface inside guarantees the best flavors. Now it's up to you.


The black ceramic coating protects your cookware against flames and soot from coals and fire and is suitable for induction cooking.


The timeless and sleek design of the black outer layer with the stainless steel interior catches the eye.


The stainless steel is not only very robust and scratch-resistant, it is also very easy to maintain.

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