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Le Creuset Signature 26cm Cast Iron Marmite (Phenolic)

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The Cast Iron Signature Marmite, 'The Family Pot' 26cmØ 4.1L

The Cast Iron Signature Marmite, 'The Family Pot' 26cmØ 4.1L

Similar to how family recipes are handed down from one generation to the next as small treasures, our cast iron cookware accompanies families over several generations. The Signature Marmite, also known as the “Family Pot” is practical, functional and a timeless symbol of style, design and outstanding quality. The rounded side walls of the Marmites make it easy for stirring and are perfect for cooking the French classic Beef Bourguignon and the Bouillabaisse. The Signature Marmite is suitable for every family size and comes in many beautiful colors. The Le Creuset Signature Marmite will surely become a faithful companion and part of your family. 

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Le Creuset Signature Marmite’s unique, durable enamelled surface resists chipping, staining and dulling so it will remain good-looking and continue to perform time after time. Completely hygienic, it doesn’t retain odours and is perfect for marinating or storing food. It also promotes the delicious caramelisation of food, enhancing the flavour of every dish. Its easy-release properties prevent sticking and make cleaning simple and easy.

The expression “tough as nails” is certainly true of our cast iron. Built to last, Le Creuset’s highly robust enamelled cast iron range is designed to produce a lifetime of delicious cooking. In fact, it lasts for so long that many people still use Le Creuset heirlooms inherited from their parents or grandparents. Each piece is covered by a reassuring limited lifetime warranty covering any manufacturing defects.

The smooth enamelled base works perfectly on every type of hob and you can trust it will provide outstanding performance every time. Naturally magnetic, cast iron is perfectly suited to modern cooking hobs like induction. It is perfect for use in the oven too and the knobs are heat-resistant up to 260°C.

Our beautifully designed enamelled Signature Marmite will not only add a little artistic flair to your kitchen but also help you present your casseroles, bakes, and other dishes in a colourful and enticing way at the table. Thanks to its superior heat retention, cast iron will likely keep your food warm for the entire meal. The contrary is true too, it keeps cold foods cold adding to its versatility.

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