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Le Creuset Eco Cast Iron Cleaner 60ml

Le Creuset

Le Creuset Eco Cast Iron Cleaner 60ml


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Its special formulation, which is certified organic and eco-friendly, gently cleans and protects your cookware while removing unsightly burnt-on deposits.

The Le Creuset Ecological Cleaner and Protector for enamelled cast iron cookware cleans and protects your cookware without damaging by gently removing cooking residues and stains whilst preserving the shine of the enamel.

Regular use & cleaning

Please always remember to use only low to medium heat with your cast iron cookware to avoid overheating and let it cool after use before cleaning with hot, soapy water as per the care & use instructions.

Use with Interior Enamel

  • Sand and Cream enamel interiors: Regular use of the Ecological Cleaner and Protector will remove any burned-on food spills or discolouration that can occur after searing or sautéing ingredients or when cooking spices and highly coloured foods. Our cast iron cookware cleaner will do the job without damaging the enamel.
  • Black enamel interior: use of the cleaner is not recommended for products with a black enamelled surface as this interior builds a natural non-stick layer or patina with easy release properties over time. For that type of interior all food debris left behind after cooking should be removed by washing and in warm soapy water. Stuck on food can be removed by soaking and a washing up brush.

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