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Dreamfarm Grindenstein Coffee Dump Box


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Grindenstein is a compact knock box that bangs out your coffee grounds.

Grindenstein is a compact knock box that bangs out your coffee grounds.

  • Dishwasher Safe - Top Rack
  • Non-Slip Base
  • Ergonomic
  • Dimensions: Length 10.2xW11cm
  • Material: ABS plastic, Santoprene rubber coated steel bar.

Small but mighty.
Specifically designed to be stored on the espresso machine’s drip tray (under the group head), Grindenstein’s unique height reduces clutter on the kitchen bench top and fits easily in the top rack of the dishwasher.

From the school of hard knocks.
Grindenstein’s patented shock-absorbing design and solid steel core make it truly impossible to break.

Quiet achiever.
Thick and durable rubber sleeve protects the group handle, absorbs the striking force and makes it quiet to use.

Why did you call your knock box a Grindenstein?
The first Grindenstèins were made from plumbing pipe, a piece of garden hose, a big metal bolt and a nut. The nut and bolt sticking out made the whole thing look a bit like Frankenstein’s monster and the name just stuck! Frankenstein....for grinds....Grindenstèin!

Why is Grindenstèin that height?
Storage, of course! When you’re not using it, Grindenstèin conveniently tucks away on the drip tray of your espresso machine saving you precious bench space. Grindenstein is big enough to hold 6-8 coffee pucks and fits in the top rack of your dishwasher too.

What should I do with my coffee grinds?
Used coffee grinds are a fantastic natural fertilizer for your garden. Whether you mix them with eggshells to create an insect barrier or mix them with water to create a liquid fertilizer, and your worms will love them too.

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