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Full Circle

Full Circle Fresh Air Compost Bin


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Goodbye garbagey smell. See ya later, fruit flies. Say hello to the fresh air compost collector for in your kitchen. The Fresh Air compost collector suspends your compostable* bag of waste, allowing oxygen to move through your organic kitchen waste, for slower stink-free decomposition. Please note, the bottom of the bin is open, so you need to use a bag to hold the waste.

Patented design lets air flow through for less odour, prevents nasty build-ups & fluid
Opens easily with a push of a button
Easy to clean and empty for less mess
Ready to use, including five compostable* bags
Perfect size for home and office (5.7L)
No special filter required
Recycled plastic, partially recycled steel
Product Dimensions: 28.8cm (L) x 21.25cm (W) x 22.8cm (H)

*Compostable in industrial facilities, which may not exist in your area. Check

What's so great about composting?
For starters, there really is nothing better for soil than compost. It not only loosens clay soils, but it helps sandy soils retain water. And best of all, it contains no petroleum-based compounds, as many commercial fertilizers do. Gardens that use compost produce much higher yields of healthy fruits, vegetables and flowers. Plus, landfills across the world are running out of space. In fact, according to a recent EPA estimate, almost a quarter of the garbage in this country is composed of food scraps and yard trimmings. Believe it or not, that's about 60 million tons every year. So if you're not composting yet, it's definitely time to start.

Here's a list of household items that can be composted:
Coffee grounds and filters
Tea and tea bags
Crushed eggshells (but not eggs)
Cardboard rolls, cereal
Boxes, brown paper bags
Clean paper
Paper towels
Shredded newspaper
Fireplace ashes
Wood chips, sawdust
Toothpicks, burnt matches
Cotton and wool rags
Dryer and vacuum cleaner lint
Grass clippings, yard trimmings
Hair and fur
Hay and straw

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