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Eggler (Egg Cracker - Peeler - Slicer) is an egg tool that cracks, peels, and slices hard-boiled eggs.

Eggler (Egg Cracker - Peeler - Slicer) is an egg tool that cracks, peels, and slices hard-boiled eggs.

Get cracking.
A swift tap of Eggler’s cracker creates a clean break in the eggshell and a place for its peeling paddle to get in and under the eggshell.

Slips through the cracks.
Eggler’s outer hood keeps its stainless-steel peeling paddle at the ideal depth as it glides under the membrane of the eggshell to separate the shell from the egg.

Slice, slice baby.
Integrated wire slicer with interlocking base plate easily creates clean and even slices for salads and sandwiches.

Flat’s all, yolks!
Compact, slimline design is dishwasher safe and stores flat in a drawer.

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If you love new things that solve a problem and work better than anything else on the planet, then you’re going to love Dreamfarm. That’s all they do. Dreamers of dreams and the makers of things but also just a bunch of everyday dudes from Brisbane, Australia, that love what they do and believe in creating useful products that make sense, not junk.

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