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Demeyere Apollo Conical Sauteuse


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This conical sauté pan is ideal for preparing delicate sauces, the uniform heat distribution prevents curdling or burning and the special curve on the inside is perfect for stirring and whisking. This brings a delicious sabayon or delectable chocolate sauce within everyone’s reach. Also ideal for quick searing of vegetables.

Height 5.9cm x Top diameter 16cmØ (base 10cm), 1L capacity.
Height 6.6cm x Top diameter 18cmØ (base 12cm), 1.5L capacity.
Height 7.5cm x Top diameter 20cmØ (base 14cm), 2L capacity.
Height 9.1cm x Top diameter 24cmØ (base 18cm), 3.5L capacity.

Distributes heat evenly on gas and electric ranges
Maintains a steady simmer
Pans brown burgers evenly
Handles and lids stay cool on the stovetop
Pans and lids are safe in the oven to 260 degrees celsius
Handles are attached without rivets
Dishwasher safe

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