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CDN Chocolate Thermometer


CDN Chocolate Thermometer


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This thermometer is designed to help you make superior chocolates and a wide range of low temperature based candies. The TCH130 is made of durable laboratory glass, it has a non-mercuric column and is engineered to give you the precise measurement accuracy necessary for successful chocolate tempering. Comes with a protective storage case.

Chocolate tempering — melting and then cooling chocolate to a predetermined temperature —is a necessary process for achieving professional quality chocolates in the home. When chocolate is melted and then cooled it can crystallise into several different forms. For the chocolate to set up with a nice sheen and to maintain firmness at room temperature the cocoa butter must form beta crystals. Tempering forces the correct crystalline pattern. Although chocolate that is simply melted and then re-hardened will probably taste as good, it will not have the glossy appearance or “snap” of tempered chocolate. It will look dull, and will not maintain a desirable texture. Also, un-tempered chocolate will be more likely to melt at room temperature.

5 to 55°C
For chocolate tempering
Durable laboratory glass
Non-mercuric column
Protective case
Suitable for Cheese Making
30cm long

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