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Bread Armour Baguette Storage bags 2pk


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Bread Amor - Love your bread. Keeps artisan bread fresh.

Bread Amor - Love your bread. Keeps artisan bread fresh.

Reusable, resealable bags that fit your bread. Why use our bag instead of a regular plastic or paper bag?
* Our barrier film keeps moisture and oxygen out up to 30 times better than a regular plastic bag
* Helps keep your bread fresh longer * Resealable and sized to fit your bread.
* Reusable - welded strong for durability and zippers mad with reuse in mind.
* FDA approved, contains no BPA's
* Recyclable
* Made in USA

Directions: Place room temperature bread in bag, remove excess air and seal. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. To refresh, flash bread in an Oven for 5 minutes. Reuse only if clean. Not suitable for microwave. Keep out of reach of children. Size: 14 x 71 cm (Baguette size) 2 bags in each pack.

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