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Ironclad The Old Dutch Cast Iron Oval Casserole


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The Ironclad Dutch Oven (4.5L) is the most versatile and durable cookware on the market. So, what can she do? Lots.

The Ironclad Dutch Oven (4.5L) is the most versatile and durable cookware on the market. So, what can she do? Lots.

  • First up, it's a beautiful all-natural dutch oven. With our rigorous quality testing you can roast, stew, or soup knowing that you are cooking on only the finest natural materials.
  • Next, no clumsy knob means you can separate the pot and lid and use them as two cooking surfaces. This is great for juggling multiple ingredients with different cooking times.
  • If you like to bake, this is a game changer. The smooth lid allows you to flip the whole oven upside down giving you an amazing bread oven.
  • If you like to camp, you can fill the pot with coals and flip the lid for a portable camp stove.

To make cookware that will last 100+ years, we returned to techniques used to make some of the most beautiful antique cast iron in circulation today. It takes a little longer, but it lasts a lot longer. Every Old Dutch is handmade using the highest grade of recycled iron and can be used on all cooking surfaces — from induction cooktop to roaring campfire.

It arrives from the foundry unseasoned. This allows you to make your pan your own right from the beginning. But don't worry, it's not hard. Seasoning is just a fancy way of saying wash, oil and heat your pan before use. If that sounds hard, your Old Dutch comes with a simple step-by-step guide.

Seasoning oil is a personal choice, you can use your favourite high smoke point oil or IronClad conditioning balm.

Every piece of cookware we make is designed to withstand 100+ years of daily use. Guaranteed. We’re so confident these babies will last, each one comes with our trademark Three Generation Guarantee®. The longest product warranty on earth.

You will also have automatic access to your very own Recipe Vault™ - the perfect way to collect and store your family recipes online for generations to come.


Once your Ironclad Legacy Cookware has been pre-seasoned, it’s simple to care for—no dishwasher required and preferably no soap. Easy-peasy.

1. WIPE/WASH When possible, simply wipe out with a dry paper towel. Otherwise rinse with hot water, ideally when still warm from cooking. For any hard to remove food, use a scrubbing brush or wooden spatula.

2. DRY Ensure your cookware is dried thoroughly after each use.

3. OIL Before putting away, apply a teaspoon of your chosen oil or conditioning balm to the entire surface with a dry cloth or paper towel.

The older your Ironclad Pan gets, the better it gets. Register here for your Ironclad Three Generation Guarantee™ and take good care of it so that it will last the distance.



In the early life of a cast iron skillet, your food may stick a little. It is a good idea to be generous with your cooking oils and fats to build up a non-stick base. Keep the heat to low or medium as your initial layers of seasoning develop. Some dishes are better to break your skillet in with; caramelising onions or frying chicken.


Acidic foods like tomatoes, wine, citrus, and vinegar can eat away at the skillet’s seasoning. So until your Ironclad Pan is better established, it’s best to avoid heavily tomato based sauces. You’ll know your skillet is broken in once your layer of seasoning has become reliably non-stick. Then a little acid here and there isn’t an issue.


A short guide to pre-seasoning and caring for your precious non-stick skillets.
Cast iron skillets have been around since, well, the Iron Age. Then about 50-years ago, people decided to make the move to Teflon—an idea that turned out to be both terrible for our health and the planet.

These days, thankfully, people are moving back to more environmentally sound natural products, like cast iron. And they’re brilliant. They work on any heat method—gas, electric, induction, oven, BBQ, or open fire. And they just get better the more you use them.

All Ironclad cookware is made in our foundries in Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. Each skillet is hand-poured, not machine-made. The material we use is a raw high-grade recycled iron. It’s lighter, but still tough as. The iron is certified, and the design built to last. But like all good things, a little preparation is required.

If you’re new to the world of cast iron skillet cooking, the first and most crucial step is called “Pre-Seasoning”. It takes a little time, but you only have to do it once. Do it right and your children's children's children will thank you.


WHAT YOU'LL NEED Dish soap. Running water. An oven. Grapeseed oil or seasoning balm. A dry cloth.

1. WIPE/WASH Scrub thoroughly once all over with soap and hot water.

2. RINSE AND DRY Rinse all the suds off, then dry. We mean bone-dry. Some grey residue may still show on the cloth here.

3. PRE-HEAT Warm your cookware on the stove top until hot enough for the balm to melt into the surface. Pre-heating in this way ensures it’s completely dry and opens the iron’s pores to better soak up seasoning.

4. OIL Using a clean cloth or paper towel, rub the balm (or about one tablespoon of grapeseed oil) over the entire surface, inside and out, including the base and embossed areas. You’re rubbing seasoning into the surface, not onto it. Wipe off any excess. The end result should be a thin coat of oil, giving a dull matte finish and dry appearance.

5. BAKE Turn the heat up to 180°C. Place upside-down in the middle of your oven. Bake for another 10 minutes before removing to wipe off any excess oil.

6. CRANK THE HEAT Return your cookware upside-down to the middle of your oven. Turn up the heat to 220°C and leave it to bake for at least an hour.  

7. COOL Turn off the heat and allow to cool completely in the oven - ideally overnight. Then you’re ready to go!

  • Made in Sydney, Australia
  • 4.5L Capacity
  • High-Grade Recycled Iron
  • Ergonomic Non-slip Handles (designed for oven-mitted hands)
  • Interlocking Base and Lid
  • 2.4kg Lid, 4kg Pot (± 10%)
  • 365mm Handle to Handle (fits a leg of lamb or two chickens)
  • 146mm High Sides (with the lid)
  • 110mm High Sides (without the lid)
  • Comes with your Printed Three Generation Guarantee and Use & Care Instructions


IronClad Origin Story To leave something behind, you need a product that will last, and a planet to leave it in.

The Ironclad Pan Company was founded in 2019 by Kate Slavin, Levi Slavin and Joe Carter, and since then they have been producing the only cast iron cookware with a Three Generation Guarantee™.  Their aim was to create a sustainable product that would mean a return to beautiful craft and traditional techniques. In an era of disposable stuff and low quality imports, they wanted to create a product that would last for generations. Not to mention also reducing the millions of Teflon pans being sent to landfill every year, leaching potentially harmful chemicals into our soil.


Together they set out to find a way to substantiate their brand worth. If they were designing a product to last, why not offer a guarantee. One that would last longer than any on the market. Settling on a modest 100-years, the team decided to cast that contract in iron on the base of every single skillet. Kate is from New Zealand, a skilled designer by trade. She does all the product and branding design. Levi, originally from Australia, is a wordsmith by trade and Ironclad’s incredible creative powerhouse. Joe comes from England, is a born entrepreneur and doesn't stop at "no, we can't do it."


After establishing themselves in New Zealand, Ironclad expanded their physical presence into the Australian market in 2022 and brought in Nic Bastian, Kate and Levi’s brother-in-law and financial guru, to run things on the ground in Sydney. Ironclad proudly manufactures locally in both New Zealand and Australia, working with the most talented craftspeople in each market to create quality goods that will last. And this local ethos will continue as Ironclad grow globally.


From humble beginnings as a small, local business Ironclad is on a mission to create a global community who care about the food that they eat, how they cook it and the planet that they live on.

Where Food Memories Begin™

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