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Staub Grill Pure Round 26cm

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Ideal for searing on the stove top, creating authentic grill marks and transferring to the oven for a perfect result. More than 45% of Michelin starred chefs in France are using Staub. It’s innovative enamel coating takes cast-iron cooking to the next level with improved performance, style and durability.

Ideal for searing on the stove top, creating authentic grill marks and transferring to the oven for a perfect result. More than 45% of Michelin starred chefs in France are using Staub. It’s innovative enamel coating takes cast-iron cooking to the next level with improved performance, style and durability.

  • Heavyweight enamelled cast iron transfers and retains heat evenly
  • Endures higher heats when grilling, minimises the need for excessive oil
  • Interior black matte enamel finish requires little seasoning and is more resistant to scratches and chips
  • Each Staub piece is made using a sand mould which is destroyed after each piece is made, so every Staub piece is totally unique
  • Use on any cooking surface, including induction without scratching the surface of your cook top
  • Before First Use:
    - Remove all packaging materials, labels and stickers.
    - Wash product with warm water and dish soap.

    - We recommend pre-heating at a low temperature and then heat up gradually to your ideal cooking temperature.
    - The black matte enamel allows the storing of food or marinades without any reactions.
    - Oven safe up to 900°F / 482°C without lid (Not for product with wood handle).

    - For best heating performance, match up the burner size to that of the base of the pot/pan.

    - When adjusting the burner flame on gas, be sure to not let the flame extend along the walls of your pot/pan.
    - Keep long handles positioned away from direct heat and never let the handles extend over the front of the cooktop.
    - The use of metal utensils or knives is not recommended for use on this product, as this could potentially damage the enamel. We recommend the use of silicone or wooden tools to prevent the interior enamel from scratching.
    - Natural reaction to foods, (rings) may appear inside the pot/pan. These stains do not affect the performance of the product. These are due to the fat and seasoning penetrating the pores of the cast iron.
    - Never place your cookware in the microwave.
    - Never leave an empty pot/pan on the cook top, and never let it boil dry. This can quickly lead to irreversible damage to the base of the pot/pan or personal injury.
    - For SAFETY, keep children away from hot cookware and stove tops.
    - Never leave cookware unattended when cooking. An unattended pot/pan can cause the product to get extremely hot, which can cause personal injury.
    - Staub cast-iron cookware is certified and tested for commercial use.

    Cleaning and Maintenance Tips:
    - Always leave a hot pot/pan to cool down before cleaning it. The extreme difference in temperature between the hot pot/pan and colder water may cause
    the pot/pan to crack or break.
    - Clean the pot/pan with warm water, liquid dish soap and a soft sponge or brush. Dry completely to prevent water spots.
    - This product is dishwasher safe, except products with wood handles. Although, we recommend to hand wash to prolong the beauty of your cookware.
    - When washing the product, avoid banging it with other products/hard surfaces or putting it too close to other products in the dishwasher, as this could cause chipping/scratching.
    - Completely dry your product before storing. In extreme cases your product could be subject to light spot rusting if left wet for long periods of time. In these rare instances, scrub with baking soda to help remove the rust and then rub cooking oil on the affected area to prevent further rusting.
    - Refrain from using metal brushes/scoring pads as these will damage the enamel.
    - Although Staub cast iron is extremely durable, do not drop from high levels, as this can damage the product.

    Interior Black Matte Enamel:
    - It is advisable to soak the pot/pan in water and dish soap (all night if necessary). Then clean with a soft cloth, sponge or soft brush.
    - Do not use oven cleaners, as they will permanently damage cookware. If still un-cleaned, we recommend the use one of the following methods:
    1. Clean by boiling a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water for a few minutes.
    2. Clean by boiling water and baking soda with 2 or 3 spoonfuls for a few minutes.
    3. Clean with non-abrasive cleaners such as Bar Keepers Friend® and a soft brush or sponge. These cleaners can also be used to clean the exterior enamel.

    - Do not stack your pots and pans on top of one another without protection. This can cause abrasions and scratches to your cookware. To protect the enamel from scratching/chipping, place a towel or cookware protector between each item.


    - Lids will become hot. Always use oven mitts when removing your lid.
    - When removing the lid be sure to angle the lid to direct the steam away from you.
    - Never place a lid on a hot burner. This could damage the lid.
    - Lids are oven safe up to 500°F/ 260°C
    - Over time lid knob can become loose. This can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver.

    - Handles will become hot. Always use oven mitts when handling your pot/pan.

    STAUB - From Alsace to the world

    Coq au vin, ratatouille, tarte flambée, mousse au chocolat... the list of French delicacies loved all over the world could go on forever. Only cookware made of the highest quality materials according to the principles of traditional craftsmanship is good enough for the demands of preparing these culinary masterpieces. This is why France is also the home of outstanding cookware - the home of STAUB. 


    Bring the passion, quality, and tradition of French cuisine to you - wherever your kitchen may be with Staub cast iron,  made according to traditional manufacturing methods in limited quantities at their French factory. 


    It's what's on the inside that counts.
    True beauty comes from within, and so does great enjoyment. That is why the interior of all STAUB pots is made from high-quality matte black enamel. The matte black enamel acts like a micro grill, bringing out delicious roasting flavour. It also provides the ideal conditions for searing, frying and caramelising food.


    The most delicious rain in the world.
    Good taste starts at the top. For Staub, that means in the lid. It is specially shaped and has many small bumps “picots”. This allows the steam produced during cooking to drip down steadily and evenly onto the food being cooked, creating a continuous cycle of moisture in the cocotte. As a result, each ingredient retains its full flavour, meat does not dry out, and vegetables remain tender.

    We call this the self-basting or rain-forest effect. You call it simply delicious.


    Majolique - a very special world of colour.
    If you want to literally shine while serving, Staub's majolique colours offer intense colour tones with beautiful contrasts. They gleam with a distinctive lustre thanks to their triple-layer majolique enameling.


    L'univers STAUB.
    True enjoyment of food does not just delight your taste buds. It appeals to all of your senses, beginning with the preparation. Anyone who views cooking not just as a passion but as “la raison de vivre” knows what it takes to prepare exquisite dishes: a lot of time, quality ingredients, attention to detail, and the right cookware for each step along the way. Whether you’re recreating your grandmother’s tried-and-true recipes or developing your own kitchen masterpieces, STAUB helps create moments you’ll remember forever.




    Where Food Memories Begin™

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