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Wilton Candy Clay (Modelling Chocolate)

Wilton Candy Clay (Modelling Chocolate)


12 oz. Bright White Candy Melts, or your choice of colour
1/4 cup light corn syrup
Wilton Candy Colour (if wanting to colour your own)


Place melts in a microwave safe plastic bowl and melt them being careful not to overheat or burn them. Add the corn syrup to melted melts and stir slowly with a spatula. If colouring your own this is a good time to add the candy colour. Once everything is combined, turn out onto a piece of plastic wrap, flatten a bit, and seal it up. Let it sit in a cool spot for at least a few hours, or overnight is even better. It will harden and around the very edge you will see some of the oils from the melts solidify. That means it’s ready.
Once you open the plastic wrap, you’ll feel that the ‘clay’ is now a hardened mass. Simply rip off a piece and knead it with your fingers. It will soften and become like play-dough. You’ll also notice that it is a bit oily to the touch. Keep a napkin nearby to wipe your hands. You may even want to blot the hard dough but don’t try to get rid of all the oil – that keeps it from drying out too quickly.
You can model and mould the clay very easily. It hardens after a while but you can always remould or knead it again since it never really gets rock solid. But it does keep its shape when it dries so it’s great for a variety of uses.

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