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Milly's Spicy Fruit Loaf

Milly's Spicy Fruit Loaf

This loaf is designed to be made in the Emile Henry Large Loaf Pan or a large bread tin L36xW14x9cm.


800g High Grade Flour
15g Instant Dried Yeast
10g Salt
12g Sugar
16g Sunflower Oil
6g Cinnamon
4g Mixed Spice
230g Sultanas
150g Currants
100g Dried apricots (roughly chopped)
375ml Cold water
500ml Boiling water.


In a medium bowl soak fruit with 1/2 the boiling water (250ml). In another medium bowl place the oil, sugar, cold water and other 250ml of boiling water then sprinkle yeast on top and leave for 10 minutes until frothy.
In a large bowl place the flour, spices and salt, mix with a whisk until combined and make a well in the middle. Add the frothy yeast mix to the flour mix and combine to form a dough. Tip out onto a floured bench and knead for 10minutes until the dough is smooth then place in a clean bowl, cover and leave to prove for 40minutes until doubled in size.

Drain the fruit. Grease the bread mould with butter and lightly flour. Tip your dough onto a floured bench. Flatten the dough with your hands and add fruit 1⁄4 of a cup at a time, folding the dough over the fruit until all the fruit is combined. Shape the dough into a cylinder. Place in the bread mould, cover with the lid and leave to prove for 40minutes until doubled in size.
Preheat oven 240C classic bake not fan bake. Before baking, remove the lid and brush the loaf with cold water, re-cover with the lid and bake for 40minutes. Remove from the oven take off the lid and let cool for 20minutes then turn out on to wire rack. Enjoy!

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