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Milly's Salmon with Tomato Granita

Milly's Salmon with Tomato Granita

Salmon with Crème Fraiche, Cucumber, Shaved Tomato and Greens. The frozen tomato grated to resemble tomato ice is fun with an added subtle flavour and texture. You could even get everyone to grate the tomato over their own piece of salmon. We grated the tomato over the salmon straight from the hot plate as well, it just disappears quickly.

Serves 4 Begin 1-2 days ahead – freeze 1-2 ripe but firm tomatoes.


Oil or butter
4 pieces salmon, pin-boned
4 tablespoons crème fraiche
½ telegraph cucumber, cut into fine dice
2 hand fulls of baby salad leaves or red sorrel leaves
1 lemon
1-2 frozen tomatoes



Heat a hot plate (or a large frying pan) over medium heat. Rub with a little oil or a good knob of butter.

Put on the salmon, skin-side down and cook for 2-3 minutes until the skin is crisp then turn and cook for a further 2-3 minutes until the salmon is medium-rare. Cook for a little longer if you prefer your salmon more cooked.

Remove from the heat and leave to sit until the salmon is at room temperature. Remove the skin. (You don’t need to discard the salmon skin - instead return to the hot plate and cook until very crisp. Serve in a small bowl alongside the salmon dish or alternatively you could cut into thin strips and scatter around the salmon).

Spoon the crème fraiche onto a serving plate and smear with the back of the spoon or a palette knife. Lay the salmon pieces on top.

Scatter the cucumber and baby greens around the salmon. Season the salmon with salt and pepper then finely grate over plenty of lemon zest.

Remove a tomato from the freezer and finely grate directly over the salmon. It will resemble very fine tomato ice. Serve straightaway.

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