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Milly's Hot Chocolate Bombs

Milly's Hot Chocolate Bombs

There's really no limit to what you can put in these delicious little parcels of Hot Chocolate goodness, it's really just a matter of using what you like (or have at the ready) and utilising a few little tricks to get your mould ready.


Hot Chocolate
Sparkle Paste


1. Prep your mould/s ready for your melted chocolate. We used a silicone mould, which didn't require any prep for 'greasing' to ensure the chocolate was easily removed. The only thing to consider is if you'd like a sparkle finish you can add sparkle dust to create that effect in the mould before pouring in your melted chocolate.

2. Melt your Chocolate with a double boiler rather than a microwave, it really is the best method, as you have a slow and steady heat that won't "seize" your chocolate (ie over-heat so it clumps). If you don't have a double boiler you can use a Stainless or heat tempered glass bowl over a saucepan, just make sure it has a good fit on your cookware so there's no steam/ water in contact with your chocolate.

3. Consider the temperature of your room for 'setting'. At this time of year (ie April in Auckland for Easter) it can be quite humid/ hot, meaning the moulds will take some time to set. Pop them in the refrigerator for approx 10mins to 'set' in their mould.

4. Fill one of your two mould halves with anything and everything you'd like to enjoy with your hot chocolate, we recommend adding hot chocolate mix to really bring some depth of flavour.

5. Bring the two halves of your mould together using a hot surface to melt the chocolate on one side, we found the flat surface of a dinner plate to be the most effective.

6. Complete your decorating when the two halves are joined and enjoy.

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