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Julie Biuso's Poached Plums

Julie Biuso's Poached Plums

This is Julie Biuso's wonderful website, click here to also see the recipe and other great dishes.


¾ cup coconut sugar
2 cups water
3 kaffir lime leaves
Small piece cinnamon bark
6 cardamom pods, smashed
2 blades of mace (pieces of mace), optional
700g red-fleshed plums which are suitable for poaching (such as Omega)
Greek yoghurt or vanilla ice cream for serving
4 or more ladyfinger biscuits (boudoir biscuits), optional


Dissolve sugar in water in a large frying pan (skillet) over gentle heat, stirring often with a metal spoon. Add kaffir lime leaves, cinnamon bark, cardamom and mace, if using. Bring to a gentle boil, then simmer for 5 minutes.

Halve plums and remove stones if possible. Add to pan cut side up. Spoon over syrup. Poach for 7-10 minutes until tender, spooning syrup over once or twice. Cool plums in syrup, spooning over syrup 2-3 times.

Serve with Greek yoghurt, or vanilla ice cream (or hokey pokey ice cream!). If liked, crumble over ladyfinger biscuits before serving.

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