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Baked Snapper with Aromatics & Avocado

Baked Snapper with Aromatics & Avocado

Recipe by Julie Biuso for Shared Kitchen. To serve, allow half a large avocado per person (or a small one per person). Halve avocado, remove stone, and slice flesh. Put avocado on serving plates and squeeze over a little lemon or lime juice. Cook fish as described in recipe and remove the flesh from the bone. Work with the fish while it is hot. Remove skin if wished. Lay fish on top of avocado and spoon over juices and aromatics. Serve immediately. - Julie Biuso


1 small whole fish such as snapper, weighing about 600g (about 1¼ pounds), scaled and gutted 
Small bunch each coriander (cilantro) and mint, and Vietnamese mint if available
2 cloves garlic, bashed with a mallet and peeled
3-4 small hot red chillies
2-3 slices peeled ginger
3-4 strips lemon peel
3 kaffir lime leaves
¼ tsp flaky sea salt
1½ Tbsp olive oil
Lemon or lime wedges for serving
2-3 smallish tomatoes, halved (optional)


Rinse fish, checking for scales. Leave to drain while preparing the aromatics.

Put herbs, garlic, chillies, ginger, lemon peel, kaffir lime leaves and salt in a mortar and pound and grind with a pestle until everything is broken down – don’t turn it into a paste, leave everything lumpy but bruised. If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, smash with a mallet or the bottom of a sturdy bottle.

Lay fish in a shallow ovenproof dish lined with baking (parchment) paper. Rub aromatics over both sides of fish, and smear some of the mixture in the cavity. Drizzle with olive oil.

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