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Milly's 101: Sick of Sticking?

Milly's 101: Sick of Sticking?

We feel your frustration when it comes to foods sticking. Eggs, fish and steaks are common culprits but it’s very easy to solve this common kitchen dilemma.

Always make sure your pan is hot enough!
We know, it seems counterintuitive but simply put, in The Science of Cooking, a hot pan will create steam when food is added and it is this steam which raises your food off the pan and above the oil so your food won’t adhere. You hear a sizzle when you add ingredients to the pan – this sizzle indicates that the pan is hot enough.

Make sure your pan is clean and your food is dry!
Even microscopic debris left on the pan surface from previous cooking will cause sticking so make sure you are scrupulous when cleaning pan surfaces. And wet food lowers the heat in the pan (see above) so pat ingredients dry with paper towels before cooking.

Wait for the ‘sweet spot’! You may be turning too early.
Leave food alone to do its thing. If you’ve tried to turn something and it’s stuck, wait a few more minutes for that golden, flavoursome crust to form and food should release easily.

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