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Milly's Guide: The Correct Jar

Milly's Guide: The Correct Jar

There are plenty of different types of preserving jars available in the market however not all jars are created equal and cutting corners could cost you not only time, but also your fresh harvest.  As tempting as it may be to use that just-finished commercial jam jar – put it down. Home preserving requires the use of a preserving jar that will create a hermetic seal to ensure food quality during and after processing.

If you are going to take the time to do some home preserving invest in jars that are going to serve you for years of use, but are also versatile enough for other tasks, there is a size for every recipe.

1. Mason Jars
Real Mason jars, like the range we carry from Quattro Stagioni or Good Life have a wide rim giving them a better sealing surface and are also tempered more than that jar in the cupboard that once held a commercially canned product and are more resistant to cracking and breaking. The screw top lids feature a specially designed seal keeping air-out and freshness in, and are available to purchase separately as replacement parts.
Mason jars come in two different types – Regular mouth and Wide mouth – referring to the jar opening. Regular mouth Mason jars have a smaller opening and narrowing at the neck which helps to keep whole fruits/vegetables under the liquid level, perfect when preserving things like plums. Wide mouth jars have no ‘neck’, straight from the lid to the jar and are great for chunky recipes that could be tricky ladling in and also for serving & making desserts or terrines.

2. Weck Jars.
With Weck jars you have the added benefit of buying in to the Weck system of storage. A Weck jar is so much more versatile than the average jar, as it can be used for countless tasks be they, preserving, storing, serving, drinking, cooking, baking and more. There are multiple choices of lids, from fresh lids, to wooden lids or the seal and clip accessories, meaning your food never comes in contact with metal. With a vast selection of sizes, shapes and capacities, simply choose what fits best for your needs, without even mentioning how well they stack for compact storage.

3. Clip-Top jars
Clip-top jars (and bottles) are similar in that you are unlimited in your options for using them, we have a good range Luigi Bormioli, you can purchase seals separately and their wide mouth design means they're very versatile, for storage, serving and preserving. 

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