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Milly's Dehydrating Citrus 101 with your Air-Fryer

Milly's Dehydrating Citrus 101 with your Air-Fryer

Using a mandolin, slice any type of citrus into thin slices, about 3mm in thickness. (If the citrus is on the sour side, you can sprinkle with a little sugar).

Slice your assorted citrus and use the dehydrating setting on your Air-fryer. Dehydrate for approx 20mins, depending on how dry you would like them, whether dry and crisp of slightly dried but still maleable. Your drying time will be determined by the thickness of your slices amd your desired result.

Add slices to non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Add to water and to tea.
Use as a garnish for cakes and puddings.
Try dipping half the slice into melted chocolate then leave to dry.
Chop and add to baking.
Citrus slices can add flavour to meat and seafood rubs.

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