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Everything to love about Le Creuset

Everything to love about Le Creuset

We spoke to Rebecca Faid from Le Creuset NZ for a quick chat about this heritage brand.

What’s your favourite Le Creuset piece and why? 

Please can I choose two? Both cover what I use daily in my kitchen. The iconic casserole - in round, 24 or 26cm is ideal. With its crème enamel interior it's perfect for those moist recipes like slow cooked leg of lamb, braised short ribs or a simple chickpea and pumpkin curry. For recipes that require that rich caramelisation and colour my black enamel cast iron skillet or a Grillit does the job perfectly. I just love how easy it is to achieve delicious results every time.

Le Creuset Casseroles


What are your top tips for cast iron use and care?

Never heat your casserole dry. If you're using Cast Iron on the hob (induction, gas or electric), build the heat slowly and evenly on the lowest heat setting and always manage your heat. Increase or reduce heat as required throughout the recipe. The only action that will jeopardise the enamelled surface is thermal shock (caused by intense heating, over-heating or extremes of hot and cold ie hot casserole vs cold water).

Food will inevitably catch from time to time, especially if roasting a leg of lamb for 4 hours. Always allow your casserole to cool down completely and then soak it in hot, soapy water overnight. The next day you will be amazed at how easy it is to clean. And for tough stains, we have Le Creuset Pots and Pans cleaner (my husband loves this product!)

What would you recommend as a first Le Creuset piece? 

A cast iron Signature Casserole, probably round, in 24cm - these are just so versatile, small enough for two and large enough for six people. You don’t always require the largest, the capacity is surprising and you will fit more in than you think.

Second piece: a Satin Black frying pan or skillet for recipes that require searing.  Both will provide you with a lifetime of delicious memories around your table.

Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Cookware

What about a fun piece that's more of an indulgence? 

Definitely a classic French favourite, the cast iron Crepe pan as every weekend we have fresh homemade crepes or ricotta hotcakes - just delicious. 

And, maybe, a second smaller casserole? A Signature Cast Iron Round 20cm  - sausage casserole for the kids, coconut rice as a side for a curry, apple and raspberry crumble. The 20cm round is the perfect complimentary casserole.  You can also store leftovers in the fridge.

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Le Creuset has been around since 1925 so that's 97 years of expertise in manufacturing cookware. Le Creuset is truly so worth the investment and with the expertise from the team at Milly's, we are able to support you along your Le Creuset journey with helpful tips and hints to maximise the versatility and longevity of your beloved Le Creuset purchase.


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