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Milly's Summer Catalogue

Wusthof Urban Farmer

Grow. Prepare. Eat. The new URBAN FARMER knife series from Wusthof is designed for city gardeners and anyone who wants to become one.
The preparation of a meal does not just begin at the chopping board; it begins on the fields and in the garden patches where freshly harvested fruit and vegetables mature over time. The new WUSTHOF knife series URBAN FARMER expresses this attitude to life. The knives in this series are just as diverse as every grip required from the ground to the fresh enjoyment on the plate. The knives of this unique series accompany the cultivation of fresh products, to the harvesting and preparation and to the enjoyment of the results. For people who live in the city and have a passion for fresh food, home gardening and a natural, healthy diet. For people who cook to experience and to discover, combined with the desire to reconnect to food.

The right knife for every task. URBAN FARMER knives can be used indoors and outdoors: the harvesting knives and the machetes for cultivation and harvesting of vegetables and herbs. The harvesting knife with the striking curve at the tip is suitable for harvesting, preening and peeling fruit and small vegetables. The powerful machete with the combination of serrated edge and smooth grind is the optimal tool for harvesting large vegetables or whole heads of lettuce, digging planting holes or for the maintenance of beets.
For preparation there is a bread knife, a slicer, a Santoku knife as well as two chef's knives in various sizes. Weather-resistant, sustainable and durable.
The knives in the series have impressive, unique advantages. The sharp blades are made from an exclusive high content of carbon component and stainless steel alloy and are subjected to hardness testing. The knives therefore have durable edges, are flexible under pressure and easy to resharpen. The ergonomic drive handles made from thermal beech are exceptionally robust and comfortable. Made from sustainably grown, high-quality beech wood, the uncoated handles are heat-treated in production in order to guarantee durability and water resistance. The bolster between the blade and handle consists of non-slip, soft-touch TPE, an effective special plastic which ensures safety and easy handling in wet weather.
Product Name Price Qty
Paring Knife 10cm
Serrated Utility 14cm
Santoku 17cm
Cook's Knife 16cm
Cook's knife 20cm