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WMF Knife Sharpener Blue


Even good quality knives need sharpening regularly. As handling a sharpening steel takes a certain amount of skill, knife sharpeners are a good alternative for inexperienced users. WMF knife sharpeners are state of the art. They feature guides that prevent the blade from slipping while sharpening as well as two ceramic discs – with incremental adjustment on some models – for precision sharpening, The sturdy design of the WMF knife sharpeners and a non-slip coating on the underside ensure a high level of safety. WMF knife sharpeners are available in a range of designs offering various functional features to suit varying tastes.

Gourmet is the versatile kitchen gadget collection from WMF. The products in this sleek range are important gadgets to add to your kitchen equipment. Whether you need a blanching insert, egg cutter, peeler or garlic press, Gourmet has the right kitchen gadget to hand, which is always in proven WMF quality made of Cromargan®, glass or high-grade synthetic material.

  • Two levels for pre-grinding and post-grinding. Guide for knives for safe handling.

  • Non-skid pins on the bottom.

  • Suitable for all knives with straight cut.

  • Not suitable for serrated knives.

  • Developed in Germany.