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Rosenthal Junto Platter L30xW15cm

Rosenthal Junto Platter 30x15cm. Rosenthal’s new tableware collection boasts a handmade look, quite naturally uniting sensual ceramic in matt earthy tones and fine porcelain with asymmetrical forms. Junto is available in three porcelain series in the beautiful hand-glazed hues; Ocean Blue, Pearl Grey and White, boasting a delicate diamond relief. The porcelain is complemented by an earthy stoneware series in Bronze with a special reactive glaze. It is a subtle fusion of fine porcelain, sumptuous ceramics and stylish accessories enabling all manner of combinations.

Available in three hand-glazed porcelain colour options;
In classic White decor, nothing distracts from the fine details of the series, such as the elegant diamond relief or slightly organic forms. The service appears pure and radiant, very modern and yet timeless.
The deep blue colour of the hand glazed Ocean Blue porcelain series radiates a sublime peace. The diamond relief emerges as an exciting contrast and gives everything an unsuspected vitality - like waves that bring a sparkle to the surface of the ocean.
The warm grey tone of Pearl Grey is unobtrusive, sophisticated and elegant, making it perfect for modern dinner tables.

Combined with some ceramics in Bronze, the look of the collection is relaxed and comfortable, when combined with White, it is classic and light. Taste your Life. Junto will surprise you.

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Opal Green
Pearl Grey
Ocean Blue