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Smoker Box with Wood Chips


This non-stick V-shaped smoker box comes as a set with 590ml of wood chips. Available in two smoking flavours Hickory or Mesquite.
Non-stick coated Steel Smoker 15.6x11.2x5.1cm

Please mention in the shipping notes if you would like a particular flavour of wood chips and we will do what we can to make sure we supply accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

The unique V-shaped bottom of the smoker box fits between flame detector bars of most grills. The wood chips add a traditional and authentic flavour to your outdoor grilling. The rich, smoky flavour complements beef, salmon or chicken. Create a new grilled favourite at your next barbeque. All natural wood chips contain no herbicides or added chemicals.

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Directions: Soak wood chips for 30mins or more in hot water, beer, wine or other flavoured liquid. This helps the wood chips to smoke longer. Drain wood chips and place in wood chip smoker. Place smoker under the grill plate, directly on two flame deflector bars. Light grill and cook food as usual. As the wood chips heat, smoke will be released. For best smoke flavour, cook food with lid closed.