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Shun Premier Knives

Shun Premier calls to mind the handcrafting techniques of ancient Japan yet offers performance born from the latest advances in knife design and technology. Premier blades are thinner and lighter for fast and agile handling, while the blade design - with wide weight distribution from the tip to end cap - ensures stability and strength. 

Premier blades are made of VG-MAX steel, clad with stainless Damascus.  Where the steels meet, an attractive wavy line called a hamon is formed.  Premier blades are ground to a quick taper edge that helps move food away from the blade quickly.  The beautiful hand-hammered finish (tsuchime (tsoo-CHEE-may) in Japanese) also improves food release when cutting.  The two-position handle, in rich walnut PakkaWood, offers a trigger grip for pull cuts as well as the perfect balance point for a pinch grip.

Please note: Shun Premier has sold out in-store and was not received with our suppliers' most recent delivery as they anticipated. Any preorders we receive for this range will be held until their next delivery becomes available, which is expected early-mid April. Thank you for your understanding.

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For over 100 years, the Kai company has been producing cutlery according to the traditions of the legendary samurai of old Japan. In the process, the desire to preserve ancient traditions and to combine them with innovative techniques represents no contradiction, but forms the basis for new products that honour Japanese blacksmithing while meeting modern demands.

With the highest quality standards, Kai has made it its mission to produce special knives for daily use. Made from natural resources, shaped and formed according to the expertise of the ancient blacksmithing art of the samurai, Kai cooking knives epitomise Japanese craftmanship carried out with the highest degree of precision. From the design to completion of each individual knife, the focus is on the development of an integrated and carefully-considered product.



Blade Material VG-MAX hardened Japanese steel cutting core, each side clad with 34 layers (69 layers total) of SUS410/SUS431 Pattern Damascus stainless steel.

Cutting Angle

Double beveled 16° cutting angle each side.
Hardness 60 HRC.
Handle Material Contoured, ambidextrous walnut coloured PakkaWood (premium, resin impregnated hardwood) handle.
Product Name Price Qty
Paring Knife 10cm PRE-ORDER
Utility Knife 16cm PRE-ORDER
Slicing Knife 24cm PRE-ORDER
Santoku 18cm PRE-ORDER
Chef's Knife 15cm PRE-ORDER
Chef's Knife 20cm PRE-ORDER
Chef's Knife 25cm PRE-ORDER
Bread Knife 23cm PRE-ORDER