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Milly's Summer Catalogue

Irish Pot-Roasted Chicken from The Cafe

As featured on Thursday the 20th of June's Show


1 whole chicken
80g oatmeal
2 onions, chopped
3 Tsp butter
80ml chicken stock
Handful sage
Salt and pepper
8-10 slices bacon rashers
5 Thyme sprigs
1 whole bulb of garlic
2 medium red onions, wedged
500ml chicken stock
2-3 large potatoes
Seasoned Flour
3 Tsp dripping/duck fat
4 medium carrots, sliced


Mix together the oatmeal, chopped onion, sage, butter, stock, and seasoning, stuff the bird with this mixture and secure well. Heat the dripping or duck fat and lightly fry the bacon, then chop and put into a casserole. Quickly brown the bird in the same fat and place on top of the bacon. Soften the onion, garlic and thyme and briefly sauté the carrots, then add to the casserole dish. Heat the 500ml of chicken stock and pour over the chicken. Cover and cook in hot oven, 180c for about an hour.
Meanwhile, cut the potatoes into thick slices and dust them in the seasoned flour and fry in small batches until golden, then add them into the chicken pot. Cover and continue cooking for another 1/2 hour, taking off the lid near the end for browning.