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Chicken Marbella



1. Put a handful of rinsed pitted green olives and pitted prunes into your Magimix. Add 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, 4 peeled garlic cloves (big ones!) 2 tablespoons of capers, 3anchovy fillets, a good teaspoon of oregano (more if it’s fresh), a good grind or two of pepper and a pinch of chilli powder. Whizz until smoothish (at this point you can keep it in the fridge overnight if you want to be all prepped up).

2. Now, on to the Chicken. Grab 1.5kg of skin on (important!!) chicken thighs, drums or both, and dry with paper towels. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Preheat oven to 180C (fan bake) and put your 26cm pan onto a high heat, add a splash of rice bran oil and once HOT put your chicken in, SKIN side down. Don’t move them until that skin is beautifully browned and golden which takes about 8 mins. Turn the heat down to medium low. Drain off most of the fat and put the chicken into a roaster, skin side up.

3. Put a good couple of dollops of the paste into the pan and stir until the kitchen smells FANTASTIC. Fill a cup measure 2/3rds full of chicken stock, then top it up to a cup with white wine (and pour yourself a glass). Now add a handful of halved green olives, a tablespoon of capers, a handful of roughly chopped prunes and a couple of bay leaves, give it all a good stir and make sure you get all the yummy bits off the bottom of the pan. Pour this scrummy mix over the resting chook and pop it into the oven for about 20 minutes then take it out and smear over the remaining paste. Put it back in the oven and cook until the paste starts to brown and the chicken is cooked through - about 10 minutes.

4. Now its plating up time! Put the chicken onto a serving platter and tent loosely with foil. Remove the bay leaves from sauce and whisk in a dollop of butter, a small splash of red wine vinegar and a handful of roughly chopped parsley, taste for seasoning then pour the sauce over the chicken and serve.