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Milly's Summer Catalogue

Milly's Tips for Basic Stock

The following tips are an accumulation of knowledge through years of stock making by many members of the Milly's Team.

  1. Make sure your ingredients are the best you can source - quality stock will form the foundation of a great finished dish.

  2. Roasting your bones first will yield a more flavourful stock.

  3. Always start with cold water, never hot, or you'll have cloudy stock.

  4. Heat stock slowly and skim often as scrum rises to the surface.

  5. Never heat to a rolling boil - a very gentle simmer will ensure a clear stock.

  6. The longer you cook your stock, the more intense the flavour.

  7. Never season your stock with salt, etc. It should be a reflection of your quality ingredients - season the dish you're adding it to.

  8. Drain stock immediately when you finish cooking. Leaving bones and vegetables in it whilst it's cooling will make your stock sour.

  9. Cool well before refrigerating.

  10. Refrigerate overnight to allow fat to solidify and make it easy to remove.

  11. Freeze in containers, Magic Vac or Ziplock bags. With Magic Vac you can freeze sections, defrosting as little or as much as you need at any one time. If freezing in ziplock bags, lay a couple of chopsticks underneath to form a groove, which will allow segments to be broken off for smaller quantities.