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OXO Goodgrips Pop 2.0 Storage Accessories


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OXO Good Grips POP Accessories is a brand-new line of tools designed to help you make the most of POP Containers.

The POP Coffee Scoop’s 2 T / 3 mL capacity is perfect for measuring or portioning coffee beans or grinds.

The POP Dusting Scoop helps you easily and evenly flour work surfaces or decorate baked goods with powdered sugar, cocoa or cinnamon.

The Half Cup / 12 mL POP Scoop is perfect for measuring or portioning dry ingredients like flour, rice, grains, beans, granola and more.

The OXO POP Brown Sugar Saver is a reusable terracotta disk that brings an end to rock-hard brown sugar by keeping it soft and fresh. To use: soak the Saver for 15 minutes, pat dry and then secure to the underside of the POP Container lid. Re-soak as necessary to keep things fresh. Do not wash with soap.

Make the most of POP Containers with all-new POP Accessories; seven solution-based tools that attach neatly to the underside of Container lids

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