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WMF Function 4 Cookware Set 5pce Black



Our most popular cookware set when it comes to versatility, high-performance cookware and savings, this WMF Function 4 set has you covered for straining, boiling, draining and so much more with the Function 4 lid design and the pieces in the range cover lots of sizes and uses in your modern kitchen.

This cookware range is ideal for those who like to be a little different. In comparison with more traditional cookware ranges, Function 4 provides four additional functions by variation of the lid position. The pot lid features a red silicone ring which allows you to put the lid on without any sound and the lid will sit silently while cooking. The pot lid then also has 4 different pouring holes: pour out fully, large sieve opening, small sieve opening, and closed. The icons for the exact lid positioning are found on the metal ring
and each pot in the cookware range Function 4 also features an inside scale.

Made from Cromargan® stainless steel 18/10 and suitable for induction.
The handles are hollow, so they will not get hot and remain cold. The high-grade high-quality glass lid can hold up to 180°C with the silicone ring.

Set includes:

1 x High Casserole 16cm with Lid, 1 x High Casserole 20cm with Lid, 1 x High Casserole 24cm with Lid, 1 x Saucepan 16cm - no Lid and Steamer insert 20cm

If all cookware set pieces are purchased individually the price would be $1867.00. The complete set can be purchased  for a limited time for only $999.00
Save $868.00