WMF Palermo Cutlery Set 60 Piece



Cutlery made of Cromargan protect® is extremely resistant to all signs of wear and tear. After intensive research, WMF has succeeded in refining Cromargan® so that it is more resistant to scratches than normal stainless steel. Intense use and frequent cleaning in the dishwasher cannot damage Cromargan protect®. Polished surfaces stay shiny, matte finish stays matte. The cutlery looks pristine even after a number of years – almost as good as on the day it was bought.


Scope of delivery 

• 12x table spoon 
• 12x table fork 
• 12x table knives 
• 12x teaspoon 
• 12x cake fork 
• 1x WMF transport/ present box 

Quality features 

• Designed, engineered and made in Germany 
• Cromargan® stainless steel 18/10 polished 
• Monobloc knife art 
• Dishwasher safe 

Stylistic features 

• WMF Studio Design 
• Functional design 
• Carefully rounded edges 
• Straight finish on the handle 
• Modern knife blade