Wilton Icing Mixes

When you need buttercream or royal icing on the quick, grab one of these mixes. Then just add butter and milk to get the taste and creamy texture of homemade buttercream. Or only water to your Royal Icing mix and you're ready to ice a big batch of cookies or make three dimensional decorations to add to cakes, cupcakes and candies. Royal icing dries hard so it's perfect for spreading on cookies or making flowers and other decorations
Easy to use mix can be made to desired consistency for spreading and decorating
Buttercream mix makes enough icing for an 8-inch 2 layer cake
Royal mix makes 2 cups of icing
Certified Kosher

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Wilton Buttercream Icing Mix
Wilton Whipped Icing Mix
Wilton Royal Icing Mix