Magic Colours Pixie Dust

Get a beautiful lustre shine on your cake decorations using one of these Magic Colour Pixie Dusts.

Pixie Dusts at a glance:
• Provides a high shine lustre and sparkle.
• 100% edible.
• Come in a push pump bottle for ease and accuracy.
• Ideal for sugar flowers and models.
• Can be mixed to form lustre paint.
• Available in 7 vibrant colours.

Pixie Dusts will give your decorations a finishing shine, sparkle and colour that will set them apart from the rest. They can be used to brush flower petals and leaves, cake models and figures or any other embellishments you wish to add to your cakes.

The dusts allow you to add lustre to your decorations with more accuracy than with a regular pot.

For a concentrated burst of lustre, hold the push pump close to your decorations and for a more widespread, less concentrated finish, hold the push pump a little further away.

Pixie Dust can also be mixed with rejuvenator spirit, high strength alcohol or lemon extract to form a glossy, glittering paint to brush your cake decorations with.

Allergy Information:
✔ 100% Edible
✔ Fat Free
✔ Kosher Certified
✔ Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians
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Inca Gold

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Long John Silver
Snow White

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Mexican Bronze
Himalaya Pink
Celtic Violet
Sultan Gold